pocket parties!

(sounds a little dirty...and it could be.)

Everyone’s stuck right now.

Stuck in quarantine, stuck in dead-end jobs…and even stuck here on Earth, in some people’s opinion.

So while we’re all exploring being stuck somewhere in life, we at AwakeCon decided to throw a party.  Multiple parties, in fact.  As many parties as humanity can stand, actually.  At least until we can meet in person again.

Pocket Parties are livestreamed spirited game shows that you can watch on your phone…or the computer if you’re old-school.  Contestants and audience play together, engage in some friendly competition, and activate dormant multidimensional abilities by laughing.  We’re talking about telepathy, and telekinesis, and full-on creation of new worlds.  These abilities are latent in everyone (that means YOU); and they can be activated quite easily with laughter. 

So check out the schedule below, and if you are daring enough to be a contestant, please visit the Casting Page to see who we’re looking for.

upcoming pocket parties


saturday, april 24, 2021

4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern

Play along and challenge your positive problem-solving skills as we create new worlds together.

Round 1
: Planetary Relay
Contestants will create a brand new planet from scratch.  Test your skills as a galactic creator while maintaining balance in the galaxy.

Round 2: Arrival
You’ll get to be one of the first Earth inhabitants to meet visitors from afar.  Are you ready?

Round 3: Outrageous Technology
Solve an annoying Earth problem with the most outrageous technology you can think of.  Hint:  It can’t exist yet, so you’ll be the inventor!


Multidimensional Hopscotch
Can you travel through time?

multi-dimensional hopscotch

saturday, february 20, 2021

4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern

Kimberly and Maranda, aka the Tipsy Mystics, will host the inaugural round of this exciting game where you get to visit faraway worlds–spanning time and space and even physicality–and leave a mark in another timeline.

Unlike the old fashioned chalk version of hopscotch, you don’t lose if you land out of the lines. In fact, we encourage it!

Practice quantum jumping with friends and strangers alike.  Audience participation is encouraged.