Awakening from the conspiracy theories

Awakening From the Conspiracy

Integration of enlightenment with mundane reality can be a daunting challenge, especially when, everywhere around you, voices are trying to lull you back to sleep. So long have you already spent slumbering, though, while the world seemed to spin on like a child’s top around you, you know the time has finally come to break through the trance, emerge from the dream and reclaim your rightful position as master or mistress of your own destiny.

Certainly if, like so many, you base your perceptions of reality on what you see on TV, then the deep, yearning call for unity within you may seem to drown among constant and ever-growing division. But you are on the path to enlightenment, expanding your consciousness, and you know that the answers to your questions, and to the world’s problems, don’t lie on television but in the hearts and souls of humankind.

Throughout the ages, people have constantly given their power away to false authorities: the Draconians, the Reptilians, the Illuminati.

There has never been a shortage of conspiracy theories willing to dictate how you should think, feel and act.

Certainly, a conspiracy of powerful elites has been running things on the planet for generations, and beyond. But that doesn’t mean those few hold all the power. It just means they know how to wield it.

You have that same power as they, however. All of us do.

Each individual is an extension of the same singular Source of energy playing a unique and indispensable role in the great galactic drama playing out.

If you can remember your role as a creator of your own reality, you can decide how your energy manifests and what it attracts in the world. The gift of the Universe is that it will always give, is already giving, you back exactly what you put out into it. That’s the Law of Attraction. If you want something different, then, all you have to do is put that same something different out there.

You want love? Put out love. You want challenge? Put out challenge. You want success? Put out success.

Immerse yourself among those you most enjoy and desire. That way, you get to live an intentional, creative life where you are the instrument and maestro of your own well-being.